Updating jscript intellisense hang

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Updating jscript intellisense hang

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 and all hotfixes which rely on it are I have found that the best fix for Intellisense in VS2005 is to install SP1, and then this hotfix: 947315.It has the added benefit of fixing most of the multi-core build issues.Try commenting out your javascript links, using local copies instead of remote, or attempt to resolve the specific errors. Maybe I'm late answering this question, but I found a way to disable JScript Intellisense.Following this: in the "Text Editor" options, select JScript.

Chances are it is parsing js file links in your webpage, including master page and trying to download these files over the network or encountering an error trying make intellisense of them all. Force quit ~5 times before I finally restarted the computer, all working now :) I think this may come down to some of the plugins I installed, but I'm not sure which ones...My feeling is that the slowness comes from the size of the projects. I have a web application and whenever I load it in VS 2010 RTM, the left hand corner of VS says "updating JScript intellisense" which never completes.Rick Strahl also has a good post about using j Query intellisense here.To learn more about j Query, I recommend watching Stephen Walther's ASP. Click here to download his code samples and powerpoint presentation.

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You can download VS 2008 SP1 and Visual Web Developer 2008 Express SP1 here.

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