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The new body design was in sharp contrast to its predecessor's "straight-edge" design.The Rebel featured a smooth rounded appearance with sweeping rooflines, a "Coke-bottle" body with a shorter rear deck, as well as greater glass area for increased visibility.Innocent looking girls are never really what they seem like. Insatiable is an understatement when she’s in question.Rebel Lynn looks very cute and naive, when in reality she is actually a cock loving slut that practically no man would be able to resist. Her dick blowing skills prove she is no newcomer to the world of adult naughty fun.

With a four-barrel carburetor and dual exhaust, the 343 V8 produced 280 hp (209 k W; 284 PS) at 4800 rpm and 365 pound force-feet (495 N·m) of torque at 3000 rpm.However, the design "themes" such the "hop up" fenders became so pervasive across the industry that the all-new 1967 Rebel was criticized because "viewed from any angle, anyone other than an out-and-out car buff would have trouble distinguishing the Rebel from its GM, Ford, and Chrysler Corp.competition." A new safety-oriented instrument panel featured a steering column designed to collapse under impact, and the gauges and controls were grouped in a hooded binnacle front of the driver with the dashboard pushed forward and away from the passengers.Rebels came in the base 550 and deluxe 770 models, with a high-line SST available only as a two-door hardtop.The base 550 two-door sedan featured the identical "semi-fastback" roofline as the more expensive pillar-less hardtops, but had slim B-pillars that gave them a more "sporty"coupe appearance.

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