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No registration chat with picture sharing

Reports describing the circumstances of the error are circulated monthly to the various registration area managers.

The information is used to create better registration processes as well as develop specific education for registration staff, Westhafer says.

Some facilities have instituted registration improvement programs, which can feature cross-department committees whose purpose is to reduce registration errors and clean up the MPI.

A recent audit showed the organization’s MPI duplication rate accounts for fewer than 2 percent of all MPI records, a typical industry benchmark for MPI best practices, Westhafer says.

by Chris Dimick Keeping the organization’s master patient index clean leads some HIM departments all the way back to patient registration, where they collaborate to prevent errors before care starts.

Accurate registration helps keep patient data complete and clean as it moves throughout the organization.

Providing feedback to the registration departments is key to the facility’s MPI cleanup efforts.

Instead of HIM doing cleanup work solely on the back end, registration now can use the information to improve accuracy on the front end, Westhafer says.

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Error-ridden MPIs also hamper an organization’s ability to understand its patient population and its own performance, both for internal and external reporting.