Mother daughter dating site dating how to end

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Mother daughter dating site

Some popular sites already allowed making a profile for a single friend, but not for parents specifically.Matt decided he would be the one to take this cross-generational concept and make it a reality. By having the child be the initiator, it formed a bridge of trust between parent and website, ushering singles into safe online networking.I genuinely hadn’t ever expressed that to my own mum, which is incredible,” he said.He saw the same phenomenon happening over and over.Like any dutiful son would, Matt took it upon himself to help her.In his view, the role of children is to encourage parents to become part of online communities without fear or reservation.Because of the time difference, it’s nighttime for him. “It’s not terribly original,” he chuckles, idly scratching her back.

A single woman in her 60s, she isn’t used to turning to the web for solutions to real life.An invite would then be sent to the parent to join this child-approved dating avenue.As a facilitator and a vote of confidence, this could be just the push that a single parent needs to put themselves out there.Through the emotional support and technological backing of their own sons and daughters, members can feel welcome on a friendly and safe website made with their needs in mind.From his own home in the UK, Matt Connolly appears on Skype to chat with us about his website, my Lovely Parent.

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