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Here’s what it’s like for those of us who just can’t help but overanalyze every single thing about the guys we’re seeing. Nothing is more frustrating to us than having to be the decision-makers in our dating lives because we’re already exhausted from overanalyzing everything else in between.

If we don’t receive a response for long periods of time, we immediately start to doubt his feelings, intentions, and behavior. It’s especially bothersome when we encounter the “wait three days to call” guy or the “act cool and don’t talk about how we feel” guy.

That picture of you riding a camel on vacation is worth two very specific words: camel rabies.

Be Honest About What You Want When you expect other people to read your mind, it often leads to disappointment.

The next thing you know, you’re experiencing full-blown waves of nausea, cold sweats, and blurry vision. That’s your heart trying to tell you that this unpasteurized, farm-to-table meal is giving you legit food poisoning.

Enjoy the Journey Online dating is like your fifth glass of whiskey. It may make choices such as “I’ve known this person four total hours; I think I’ll invite him into my apartment and turn off all the lights” seem sound.

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