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Never meet in a bar or drink alcohol the first time you meet. Online dating can be exciting, adventurous and fun.You simply do not know this person well enough to let your guard down that early on. If you screen carefully and follow the above basic 10 online dating tips, you will increase your chances of having a positive online dating experience. A., Author, Women's Speaker Credentials: Stephany Alexander is the founder of one of the most popular women's sites on the net (top 5%) receiving millions of hits per month.A sense of humor online is just as important as offline. Describe the person that you would like to meet in the greatest detail possible. Your main photo should be a head shot, preferably with you smiling.If you want to meet someone who has never been married with no children, then say so. If your online dating service allows, upload more shots of you in various activities such as doing a hobby you enjoy, perhaps dressed up at a formal event or even a candid shot at work or school.

We asked Virginia Roberts, an online dating coach and former Amazon employee, to share her thoughts on the situation.These rookies write crappy profiles, post lame bathroom mirror selfies, and blast out tons of poorly composed one-liners instead of taking time to thoughtfully message a few great connections.Lazy behaviors worsen the overall online dating experience, teaching singles that dating sites are full of losers who waste their time.And hey, if you’re still struggling, you know where to find me — in sweatpants and a greasy ponytail, coding my site and enjoying Game of Thrones with the husband I found on Craigslist!Online Dating Expert, Stephany Alexander, Reveals the Top 10 Tips to Succeed at Online Dating As an online dating expert who gives dating advice on a daily basis, I have determined there are 10 basic key factors that will help you to succeed at online dating.

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