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Direct sex chait

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In 2008, when Barack Obama ran for president, he found it necessary to disavow support for marriage equality. In 2016, it is unlikely that even the Republican candidate will openly oppose it, perhaps retreating to the defense of the odd florist or baker to refuse to sell flowers or cake to a same-sex couple.

The United States will never go back to the days when a person born gay could not hope to enjoy marriage.

It will never go back to thinking of a president who is not white and male as abnormal.

There is an illiberal edge lurking along the margins of all these changes as well: Political correctness is what happens when the left can dominate a subculture to the point of rendering any disagreement impossible.

But the overall thrust of the transformation is to expand rather than to contract individual autonomy and would be a local hero who fired his weapon in self-defense.

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