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Posted by / 31-Jul-2017 03:27

We would also suggest that it is only worth risking the fall-out from introducing a new partner to your children when you are sure the relationship will last.

Obviously it is impossible to be 100% certain about the future of relationships, but it is worth avoiding multiple repetitions of the tricky exercise of introducing a new partner to your children.

Couples who have been married for years usually have merged virtually all aspects of their lives—bank accounts, credit cards, the family home, friends, future plans—to name just a few.

Also, inter-familial relationships develop that may or may not last after the divorce.

This isn’t always feasible; but if the children are unsettled, angry, nervous or upset by the separation, then it may be better left for a bit.Although technically there are few legal reasons why you shouldn’t date, we often find that new relationships can act as emotional flashpoints during the divorce process which can throw boulders into the path of smooth progress to getting financial and children arrangements sorted out.There is little to be gained from announcing to the world that you are dating while matters are not yet settled.Sensible precautions with regards to electronic privacy are to be recommended.There are rules on what sort of information obtained through dubious means lawyers can see, so if in doubt, speak to us about this, and be aware that if you do go snooping on a partner or former partner, it may come back to haunt you.

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